Sunday, 24 March 2013

Web design company Lancaster

When deciding on a Lancaster web design company you need to go with a company who understands not only web design and the ever changing world of SEO but also a company who is in touch with the local area and how businesses in that area operate. Lancaster to many may seem like a small market town serving exclusively to its student populations needs, hence a large number of public houses, eateries, womens clothes shops and hairdressing salons. However Lancaster has many tradesmen from plumbers, builders, joiners and central heating companies to dog walkers, accountants, web design companies and market traders.

Here at Mister Search we understand that Lancaster like larger cities its size has diverse needs and all these companies no matter how big or small need a great looking shop window on line to get noticed. Web design should not be about price. Web design is not like the building trade, just because you pay a big price doesn't mean richer raw materials have been sourced. At Mister Search it does not matter if you spend £300 or £3000 you will still end up with a great looking website. It is all relative to us spend £3000 you will get £3000 worth of time, features and pages. Spend £300 and you will get a great looking website that will look just as great. Many of our competitors charge an absolute fortune, some charging up to £15k for a website that in all honesty is sourced for less than £500 pounds worth of time and effort. That is why we want to hear your budget and work with you to get a website that looks great but fits your budget whatever that may be. We look for long term business not a quick buck. We Believe that by doing this we open and honest dialogue with our customer both locally in Lancaster and further afield. So if you are looking for honest, affordable and most importantly great looking professional web design look no further for your website design company in Lancaster.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lancaster Mobile Web Design

We have been looking at different ways of promoting mobile web design and helping our customers make their potential clients aware of the fact that they have a mobile website.

Each mobile website we design comes with a redirect code so we can link it yo your main URL, so it revert straight away to your mobile website. Having a mobile website is important as many people search using a handset or device. Mister Search can design you a mobile compatible website based on your exisying website or we can create you a new design to your specification with a tap to call feature, allowing the potential customer to call you straight away through the their mobile device without having to write your number down or paste it into your keypad.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Mobile Compatible Websites

Yesterday we completed our mobile website, we felt it was important to keep the same design concept as the main desktop website for many reasons, the main being keeping the Mister Search brand identity. We can develop these mobile compatible websites in Lancaster for companies around the United Kingdom, normally small to medium sized businesses. These mobile websites can be created within a week and come with unlimited revisions so you can be assured that you will be 100% happy with the design. Free with the mobile web design package is a .mobi domain name of your choice and full content management allowing the customer to update the mobile website as often as the want.

Check out an example of our mobile website

If it is something that you are ready to go ahead with and need a quote then please get in touch with us at Mister Search and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Social Media Marketing

Are you too busy for Social Media? Well let Mister Search run your social media for you. With regular updates, posts and interaction with your potential customers, a bespoke designed time line to really attract custom and get your message across. Mister search has the solution for you in regards to Social Media Marketing and social media management.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Social Media Management

We have been looking helping businesses through Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. Here at Mister Search we know that social media is indeed free, however the actual time and effort to really engage with the customer can become a cost to the customer. Mister Search can fully run a social media campaign for you whilst you work. The social media package comes with a bespoke designed Facebook timeline and bespoke designed Twitter page, also 500 likes and followers promoting you in your area and connected with local groups and networks.

Mister Search can also run your account for you making sure both posts and tweets are made at the busiest times and that they are regular so potential customers are not missed. If you need your social media managed and maintained click Mister Search to find out how!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mister Search offers mobile compatible websites for companies in the UK. More people these days are using mobile phones to search the internet and many websites do not show up properly on a mobile phone. When on a website that is not compatible for a mobile phone you may find that you have to zoom in and out and scroll around to find the information, so they are frustrating to use. So when using a mobile compatible website (also known as a mobi site)  you will find that they fit the screen, have a click to call feature, load faster so you may find that they are easier to use. The Web designers at Mister Search in Lancaster will help you create a user friendly mobile website today.

To find out more information please visit the website at

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mobile Compatible Websites at Mister Search

We are now offering mobile web design at Mister Search. The website that we create is based on a customers existing web page, using the same photos, colours and information. However if a customer wants something different we can do a bespoke designed mobile website for your company with a completely new design.
On our company website we have some information in regards to mobile compatible websites  and a few examples on what they can look like. Mobile search is taking over as more and more people search on the go rather than sat on a pc or laptop, so if you are a business owner it is probably time you consider getting a mobile version of your site so that when your customers do access your website from a mobile device, they can use your website without any problems.